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Lettin-Go-Kleaner Step Stool
Healing I.D. Accessories-Lettin-GO-Kleaner
Lettin-Go-Kleaner Step Stool
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Unfortunately millions of people who struggle to have a proper or full bowel movement, and sometimes go days between releases. In cases where medication or a pre-existing condition are not factors, issues with constipation can quickly be corrected by changing toilet posture. The Lettin-GO-Kleaner toilet step stool fits easily around the base of any toilet. By placing your feet on top of the stool, it raises the knees and shifts the body into a squatting posture while on the toilet, instead of the traditional sitting position. 

 Studies show that the greater the hip flexion through squatting, the straighter the recto-anal canal will be, opening up the pathway for a much easier evacuation without the need to strain. Itís like taking the kink out of a garden hose. Itís a simple change, but the effect is powerful. Results also show that the greater distance there is between the perineum and the pelvic floor, the better the evacuation will be. The greatest distance between these two points happens when we squat.So stop struggling in the bathroom, and quit taking laxatives and herbal supplements that can be habit-forming and weaken your bowels. Work with the natural alignment of your colon by using the Lettin-GO-Kleaner step stool and discover effortless elimination as nature intended it.

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