Healing Cough Syrup (Breathing Calm)
Healing Cough Syrup (Breathing Calm)

Healing Cough Syrup (Breathing Calm)

Healing Natural Cough Syrup in 4 Fluid oz. (118 mL) Bottle
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Healing I.D.: Liquid:602-Cough-1

Healing Cough Syrup is a combination of immune-stimulating and throat-soothing herbals in a pleasant tasting syrup elixir. Ginger is the superstar ingredient of this formula as it is known for its pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and mucosal tonic properties. Adding to this the immune-stimulating features of the native-American herb osha, and the anti-tussive (anti-cough) properties of wild cherry bark, you have one hot product. The base of this syrup is USP kosher vegetable glycerin and certified organic honey, making it not only powerful, but pleasantly sweet. Healing Cough Syrup should be in every medicine cabinet in preparation for cold and flu season..

Each container holds 4 fluid ounces (118 ml) of Healing Cough Syrup. Use as needed.

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