Healing Digest Plus
Healing Digest Plus

Healing Digest Plus

Healing Digestive Enzyme Dietary Supplements in 200 Capsule Container
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Healing I.D.: Supplement:825-DigestPlus-1

Healing Digest Plus dietary supplement is the perfect natural solution to faulty digestion and allergies. It contains the high potency digestive enzyme Pancreatin 5X USP. Pancreatin is excreted by the pancreas as a natural defense mechanism. It is a mixture of many enzymes which are not only involved in digestion of foods and proteins, they have also been found to be very essential to gastro intestinal relief and routine cancer eradication.

This healing blend also contains Ox bile which supplements the bile production of the liver, and Glutamic and Betain HCL which reduce the PH levels in the stomach. This high potency enzyme mixture is a great way to keep your digestive system healthy which supports your body in the prevention of many possible disorders.

Take 2 tablets 3 times a day (with each meal).

Each container holds 200 capsules of Healing Digest Plus Dietary Supplement. 33 day supply.

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