Healing-Heart Liquid
Healing-Heart Liquid

Healing-Heart Liquid

Cardiovascular Health Dietary Supplement in 8 Fluid oz. (236mL) Bottle
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Healing I.D.: Liquid:610-Heart-1

Healing Heart Liquid dietary supplement is "Cardiovascular Health to the Max", with enhanced athletic performance and recovery. Energize your Heart and Muscles with this little power plant! Contains all natural ingredients, is sugar free, easy to use, and delicious. Our proprietary ingredients combined with maximum spiritual enlightenment is a force to be reckoned with!

This pleasant tasting, naturally flavored, and convenient liquid delivery system for the natural healing ingredients carnitine and ribose. This formula delivers a powerful one-two punch, for cardiovascular health as well as athletic performance and recovery.

Just one teaspoon provides a potent 2,000 mg of both D-ribose and pure base L-carnitine, and 100 mg of pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), which is added to help assist in both carnitine synthesis and fatty acid transport.

D-ribose is a simple 5-carbon monosaccharide used by all living cells essential for cellular metabolism. Ribose is needed to synthesize adenine nucleotides which are the backbone of the genetic material; RNA and DNA, certain vitamins and other cellular compounds. Ribose is literally the starting point to make ATP, the primary source of energy for the heart, muscles and other tissues of the body.

L-carnitine is a compound naturally occurring in all foods, but significant amounts are only found in dark meats (due to high concentration of mitochondria). Carnitine supplementation may be needed especially for vegetarian diets or when dark meats are consumed in small amounts. Additional benefits of L-carnitine include producing of energy, shuttling fat to the mitochondria, heart health, and enhancing athletic performance.

When combined together, D-ribose and L-carnitine can support keeping the energy pools at full capacity, increased energy production, and enhanced ability to utilize fat as a fuel source.

Each container holds 8 fluid ounce (250 ml) of Healing Heart liquid advanced formula. About 45-day supply.

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