Healing Horsetail
Healing Horsetail

Healing Horsetail

Healing Horsetail Bone Mineralization Dietary Supplement in 100 Capsule Container
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Healing I.D.: Supplement:833-Horsetail-1

Healing Horsetail dietary supplement contains an all natural concentrate of Horsetail extract. Also known as Equisetum arvense this healing plant with a strange nickname based on it's shape, is a great natural remedy for bone mineralization and growth hormones. It supports the body to increase calcium absorption which helps strengthen bones, and is very beneficial for healing purposes during broken bone injuries. In tradition this great plant has proven to also be helpful in flushing infectious bacteria out of the bladder without alteration of the body's electrolyte levels. This is the reason it has been used by the native Americans for many years to deal with urinary tract infections and prostate related issues. It's many benefits make Healing Horsetail dietary supplement a great addition to your daily nutrition.

Recommended Use: Take one capsule 2-3 times per day or as directed by your physician.

Each container holds 100 capsules of Healing Horsetail Dietary Supplement. 30-50 day supply.

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