Healing Pregnancy (120 Capsules)
Healing Pregnancy (120 Capsules)

Healing Pregnancy (120 Capsules)

Prenatal and pregnancy nutritional support in 180 vegetable capsules
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Healing I.D.: Supplement:853-Pregnancy-1
Healing Pregnancy dietary supplement is the natural formula which provides optimal supplementation for women wishing to become pregnant, pregnant women and lactating women. The earlier supplementation supports women's need for adequate nutrient storage to meet the greater nutrient demands for a growing baby. Those needs include calcium, iron and zinc. Nutrient deficiencies are associated with pregnancy complications, low birth weight and birth defects. 

This amazing formula is a unique prenatal multivitamin on the market which uses NatureFolate™, a blend of natural folates, in place of synthetic folic acid. It features mineral chelates with far superior absorption compared to minerals typically found in prenatal multivitamins. 

A daily serving of this formula provides adequate amounts of calcium and magnesium for healthy bone and muscle development. Inclusion of healthy amounts of vitamins D and K allow for proper directing of calcium to hard tissues, such as bone and teeth, and not to the soft tissues. Ferrochel chelated iron not only has high bioavailability but also excellent tolerability. It does not cause constipation like so many iron sources do. 

Iodine is an important mineral for infants and an important inclusion to this formula, as research has shown that iodine deficiency in infancy can lead to learning disability and lowered achievement motivation. It is also designed to prevent the fatigue that is so common during pregnancy. Vitamin B6, included in this formula, is also known to possibly improve pregnancy related nausea.

Recommended Use: Take 1 capsule daily or as recommended by your primary physician.

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