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The Z stands for zinc, the central ingredient in this blend of minerals and herbs. Zinc plays a vital role in thousands of biological processes including protein synthesis, neurotransmission, vision, and our immune system. Elevate your health and wellness today!

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Healing Power of Taurine

Healing Power of Taurine

Japanese are well-known for their longevity, and while many factors go into living a long, healthy life, it's believed one of their secrets is a high dietary intake of taurine.

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Creating Headspace

Be Cold-Free

Bee Immune is a proprietary blend of natural, anti-viral elements is a powerful way to resist colds, flu and other viruses throughout the season.

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Cleansing Power of Clay

Organic Vs. Conventional

The debate over whether organically farmed foods are really healthier than conventionally raised foods has been going on for quite some time.

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The Be Hive of Healing is an integrative medical center in Agoura Hills, CA that offers a complete spectrum of personalized healing resources.

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