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Super Healing Man

Super Healing Man's patented multi-vitamin forumula with certified organic Spirulina, delivers all the essential vitamins, herbs and minerals, while offering antioxidant, cardiovascular and immune support.

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Naural Skincare Products

Natural Skincare

When it comes to healthy skincare product ingredients, less is more. Unfortunately, conventional skincare care products commonly contain many toxic ingredients

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Creating Headspace

Creating Headspace

To help himself through various tough times, Dr. Sadeghi created an acronym for the word headspace. And now to help you navigate the challenges of your lives, he is sharing it with you.

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Cleansing Power of Clay

Cleansing Power of Clay

Bentonite clay is a simple but powerful healing element derived from volcanic ash that has condensed at the bottom of ancient evaporated lake beds.

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The Be Hive of Healing is an integrative medical center in Agoura Hills, CA that offers a complete spectrum of personalized healing resources.

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